It’s Time For Booze & Boos Witches

5 Wicked Goth Ideas For Your Bachelorette Halloween Party

Halloween is almost upon us. And if you are planning a bachelorette party in October, it can sneak up pretty fast. That is why we have pulled together some ghoulish fun inspiration to help you along your way. These 5 party ideas have got to be added to your brews and boos bash. They add the perfect balance of gothic glam and fun that the gal’s will love.

Gothic Halloween Bachelorette Party Invitations designed by Victoria at VG Invites

Love this invitation by VG Invites. The fun loving design features the words “It’s Time For Booze & Boos Witches”. If you are a do it yourselfer (DIY), you can instantly download this design and customize it yourself. It comes in a Microsoft Word or Pages template and is compatable with both Mac’s and PC’s. Perfect when you gotta get those invites out right away and don’t have time to wait for them to be customized. Don’t wish to DIY, Victoria will customize your invitation for you for a small fee and send you either printed invitations or a high resolution printable file.  Order two ways. Online at or


We found the perfect witches brew on The Sweetest Occasion. Don’t let the creepy look fool you. It is actually fruity and sweet. It is made with rum, honey and berries and topped with bitters. What is the name of this cocktail you ask? Get Lucky by Death Co. If you are in search of a ghoulish cocktail, look no further.


Forget the diet for the evening ladies. Lets sink our teeth into these bloody good milkshake shots found on Frog Prince Paperie. They may look bloody, but are made with Strawberry puree and dark chocolate syrup.


I have been waiting all year to share this with you. Found on Brit Morin, these so good and so scary costume ideas are sure to get the gals excited for ghouls night out. 11 in all, including One Bad Bride for the guest of honor. If you are reading this and it is after Halloween, you will have to wait until next year. I feel your pain. If you like these ideas, I have more on my Halloween Pinterest page. Won’t you be a deer and visit and click on follow?


Lets not forget the poison toffee apples witches! We found these devilish delights on Simply Delicious. Seriously gothic green apples covered in black home made toffee. You will love this recipe.

Thank you for taking the time to stop by and read my blog and check out all of my great finds. I searched high and low to find the coolest ideas and share them with you. Happy Halloween!

If you are planning a spooky masquerade party with the ladies or a fun night out on the town, plan responsibly. Be sure that you have a designated driver. If not, Uber or a taxi is always an option.

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