4 Really Cute Christmas Gift Wrapping Ideas


VG Invites picks for adorable holiday wrapping of your bottles of wine! Dress up your wine this Christmas with cheerful embellishments. Festive wine labels are so-ho-ho delightful to give and receive. They are the perfect alternative to the humble wine gift bag. I love the creativity that goes into gift wrapping Christmas presents. And I would love to see pictures of your most festive gift wrapped wine bottles. So please share in the comments below.

Unique gift wrapping ideas for bottles of wine
Unique gift wrapping ideas for bottles of wine.

Tissue paper doesn’t need to be your wrapping of last resort. Here is a super cute way to wrap a wine bottle for a Christmas gift. Wrap a bottle of wine in simple grey or black tissue paper. Twist the top around the neck. Tuck the excess into the bottom of the bottle. Embellish with a mini wreath and personalized wine label. …and wah-la-la-laaa la-la-la-la, wine gifting done right. I like this method because it preserves the original wine label. Perfect when giving more expensive bottles of wine.

Santa Claus Wine Sleeve
Santa Claus Wine Sleeve

I love this Santa Claus wine sleeve. It doesn’t matter if you were naughty or nice. Download, print, and cut. It is as simple as that. However, you don’t have to stop there. Let your creative genius loose and embellish your Santa wine sleeve with ribbon and cotton.

Chalkboard Custom Holiday Wine Label
Chalkboard Custom Holiday Wine Label

It’s time for holiday cheers! Giving wine as a gift to your hostess this season? She will delight in the thoughtfulness of this personalized greeting customized with your name or personal salutations.

Bottle of wine gift wrapping idea
Joy to the world the wine has arrived!

Joy to the world, the wine has arrived! My “sediments” exactly. This makes a great Christmas gift for friends and family. Customize this wine label with your company name and give as a gift to business associates. Print as many as you like.

This season jazz up your bottles of wine with these fun gift wrapping ideas. They are easy and beautiful. You can use them as Christmas party favors, give as corporate gifts, place in a wine, cheese, and chocolate gift baskets, and as a gift for your wine aficionado friend. Great for last minute holiday gifts giving as well. Just slap one of these babies on a bottle of wine and you are good to go. Merry Christmas and a Happy and safe New Year from VG Invites.